Script IconScript is a tool that allows you to automate tasks and add custom functionality to your printer. For instance you may define your own page layout, delete or select pages based on your own criteria. Script could be executed manually by clicking on a special button in Quick Access Bar or started automatically, for each new print job.

With script you can:

For example you may print to priPrinter. Script automatically will apply required settings, print some pages to one printer, another set of pages to second printer and finally save a copy in pdf format to network drive. Of course everything can be done in background without any user interaction. In order to do this, you should put script into scripts folder and specify its name in printer preferences:

Script Selection

Or, script can be executed after receiving new print job. Name of the script file should be defined in registry:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pelikan Software KFT\priPrinter\Script , string value OnNewFile. This script file should be in scripts folder and name in registry should be short file name.


Extension is an extended version of script. In additional to text of script itself it has images for buttons, information about commands and so on. Learn more.

Extension button

Sample script:

local doc=window.GetDocument();
	local page=doc.GetPage(0);
		local i;
			local copy=doc.DuplicatePage(page);
}else MsgBox("Document is empty");


Script ButtonHow to install script?

If you have a script file, just put into priPrinter scripts folder and it will be available from scripts menu. If you don't know where this folder is, select View tab, click on Extensions button and choose "Extension Manager...". Click Organize button and select View Files... Windows Explorer will be opened, just drop script file there.

Script and Extension can be installed with Extension Manager.

It is possible to launch script by clicking on button in Quick Access bar. In order to create such button click on Customize button and select "Create New Script Command". You will need to select name script file and icon.

Custom Script Button



priPrinter 6.1 has build in script editor with syntax highlighting and debugger.

priPrinter Script Debugger


priPrinter uses "Squirrel" programming language as base of scripting engine. It's small, fast and feature rich scripting engine, it perfectly fits into existing priPrinter environment.

priPrinter Scripting is part of priPrinter Professional edition.