Script Reference Manual

priPrinter Script Diagram


Name Description
Point 2d Point object
Rect 2d Rectangle
Color RGB Color
Date Date, a single moment in time.
Page Source Page
Document Source document or job
Window Main priPrinter window
Layout Page layout. Mostly related to print preview window. 
Sheet Output paper sheet (paper)
Markup Watermarks, Lines, Callouts...
Font Font
FileEnumerator File Enumerator
File File or Stream class.
Dialog Custom dialog box class.
Bookmarks Bookmarks


Language Elements
Name Description
Table Table object (dictionary).


Global Variables
Name Type Description
window Window Main priPrinter window
layout Layout Page layout, equal to priPrinter preview area.


Group Name Description
File Functions Functions related to files and folders.
Registry Functions Read and write data to registry.

Unsorted Functions
Name Return type Description
void print(string)   Print text to the script log window
int MsgBox(string[,buttons]) int Display message box. Where buttons is same as in Windows Message box. MB_OK is default. Return value is the same.
string InputBox(string,string) string Simple input box. First parameter is comment line. Second is initial input value. Function returns NULL in case if cancel was pressed.
int Execute(string file); int Execute external file
int ExecuteAndWait(string file); int Execute external file and wait till process termination.
void Sleep(int ms)   Suspends the execution of priPrinter for at least the specified interval.
Table Time([float time]) Table Deprecated. Use Date object instead.
bool SendMail(Table ) bool Email address, attachments, subject should be provided in the table
bool  dialog (true or false) Force email dialog on/off. On is default value.
string to Message recipient. Use semicolon to provide multiple recipients
string cc Use semicolon to provide multiple recipients
string bcc Use semicolon to provide multiple recipients
string subject The message subject. If this member is empty, the user has not entered subject text.
string file File or Files to attach. Use semicolon in order to attach multiple files
string from Indicates the original sender of the message.
string body Message body.


priPrinter uses Squirrel programming language v 3.0 as base of it's scripting engine. For all language specific questions you takea look at Squirrel reference manual.